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Inverse Telecine Plug-in

for After Effects 5.5 and later

$US 19.95
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Inverse Telecine removes 3:2 pulldown from footage, to restore original film frames from interlaced video fields. And it does it automatically!


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Effect Window

The Detection Process

The plug-in uses a proprietary algorithm to detect the pulldown phase changes for the footage. The software analyzes the footage for fields, interlacing, shot changes and motion, and inserts keyframes when a new pulldown phase is detected.

However, the detection process isn't perfect! Stills, fades and dissolves can produce inconsistent results, and shot changes can be missed. But with keyframed results, you can easily edit the composition to produce the highest quality output. 

In minutes instead of hours.

Detection Window

More Information

The readme file contains detailed instructions for using the plug-in.

The version history file shows version information, feature additions and bug fixes.

System Requirements

After Effects 5.5 or later.
Windows 2000 or XP.
Mac: After Effects CS3 or later.
Mac: OS X (10.5 or later)